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Welcome to Lafayette Elementary School!

Lafayette Elementary is a California Distinguished School nestled in the heart of the Wrigley Community. 

At Lafayette we offer:

  • Spanish Dual Immersion (DI)-students participate in a program that provides literacy and content instruction through two languages while promoting bilingualism and biliteracy, grade level academics and social competency.  
  • College Preparatory Academy (CPA)-provides students with a learning experience that is rigorous and promotes college readiness. 
  • CDC/Transitional Kinder-For students turning 5 before April 1, 2024, Lafayette has an established CDC/TK program that offers developmentally and age-appropriate activities that are designed around language, vocabulary skills, and children's interests. Students also receive social and emotional experiences with academic learning. 
seal of California Distinguished School

Bilingualism is a bridge to success!

Lafayette's Dual Immersion program merges the most successful aspects of bilingual education with a strong academic program. The program implements a 50/50 simultaneous learning model of instruction. This means that starting in Kinder, students are fully immersed in both English and Spanish! DI empowers students to achieve the highest social and linguistic skills to give them the edge now and for future success. The program goals are: 

  • Ability to think, speak, read and write fluently in two languages!
  • Have daily opportunities to practice a new language!
  • To foster knowledge and appreciation of other cultures!

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